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Techbillion provides a full spectrum of Mean-Stack development services to build a large web application to drive innovative business growth.

MEAN Stack Development Services

MEAN is a collection of free and open source JavaScript framework - MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS used for developing dynamic web applications. As MEAN all components support codes are written in JavaScript, MEAN application can be easily written in one language from the client and server sides to database execution environments.

Techbillion has set a benchmark as a renowned MEAN Stack Development Company, develop the high-end product for clients around the world. From zero level, Techbillion has succeeded in to deliver customized MEAN Stack Services, resulting in some of the most groundbreaking products that speak out our talent and smart development work.

MEAN Is An Acronym For

MongoDB:- MongoDB is free and an open source NoSQL database program that is used to create a scalable base and with flexible components.

Express JS:- Express JS is a JavaScript web application framework to build dynamic websites with efficient features. Express JS and NodeJS both are used as a server-side framework to deliver unmatched performance in web applications.

Node Js:- Node JS is an open-source and cross-platform web development framework is used to build scalable web applications. It supports rich JavaScript modules and libraries.

Angular Js:- AngularJS is referred to as a client-side framework and is used in front-end web development with high efficiency and potentially to develop high-end web applications.

Why Choose MEAN STACK Development?

MEAN STACK is highly favorable in future programming with Full-Stack JavaScript development where technology drives easier and simpler way to build the future-rich apps.

- Provides extensive library and great support to the delivery community

- It is free, Open-source and provides a reliable framework for web and app development

- MEAN Provides code-reusability and flexible environment

- This is a perfect tool for full-stack web development with front-end and back-end data processing

- Provides end-to-end development processes based on Javascript languages

Advantages Of Techbillion’s MEAN STACK Development Service:

- MEAN Stack Consulting & Ideating

- Enterprise Focus

- Rapid Application Development & Test Flight enabled Release Process

- Unique Solutions with no Jailbreaking code

- Performance Oriented Robust Apps

- Scalable Architecture

- One Stop Solution (Design, Development & Maintenance)

- Incorporating Latest Technologies (NPM, V8, CommonJS)

Our Technical Expertise

Platform - Node.js, NPM, V8, CommonJS

Frameworks -MEAN,MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS/Angular, MEEN (substituted with Ember.js) Backbone.js, Meteor

Libraries -Lodash Underscore.js React.js

Languages - JavaScript CoffeeScript TypeScript

Hosts - Joyent Nodejitsu OpenShift Linode DigitalOcean


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