Smart Contracts Audit Services

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Smart Contract Security Audit

Smart Contract is a blockchain-based protocol that is used to build to flatter transactions and to enforce agreements by removing the third party help or the intermediary. We offer smart contract audit services, publish security best practices and build blockchain security products. Techbillion provides smart contract audit solutions and pays special emphasis on the security, solidity related recommendations and known attacks, such as:

Why do you need help with Smart Contract Solutions?

Through DAO hacks and Parity hack generally, the hackers hack the contracts & currencies which creates significant implications for the cryptocurrency world. To concrete out the kinks, smart contracts need to be audited.

Steps of Smart Contract Auditing

Industries We Have Served

Internet of Things

Improving IoT data security with Blockchain

Real Estate

Tokenizing real estate on the Blockchain


Blockchain has the capability to reduce inefficiency and waste in the healthcare ecosystem


Smart Contracts along with Blockchain have the potential to revolutionize the Fintech sector

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI Blockchain we give world class security and ensure all data is immutable

Supply Chain

We provide supply chain management using Blockchain

Why Techbillion for Smart Contract Audit?


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